Mix’s Weekly Picks on Our Radar

Mix’s Weekly Picks on Our Radar

Each week all of us here at Mix 247 EDM collaborate to create our top ten playlist. Take a listen and enjoy!

Caribou by Odessa

This catchy and fun track features a variety of different sounds. My personal favorites include any of the percussion sounds in the background of the main beat.

Nightcall by Kavinsky

“Nightcall” gives a moody and intoxicating vibe. The lyrics and music equally flow well together to create this feeling.

Sweater Weather (Arkane Skye Remix) by The Neighbourhood

The remixed version of this song introduces many dramatic sound fluctuations that really add some layers of emotion and intensity.

Missing You by Boston Bun

“Missing You” creates a sound that is clean and fluid. The sounds and vocals in the track flow together smoothly with a distinguished beat.

Sirens of the Sea by Above & Beyond

If you haven’t checked out Above & Beyond I highly recommend it. This group brings a fresh perspective to electronic music in a new and smooth way with a touch of trance in their track “Sirens of the Sea”.

Let Me Know by The Galimatias

“Let Me Know” provides a more relaxed feel. This track features a main toned down beat with some smooth vocals and other sounds.

Between Dreams by Poolside

This unique track is danceable but also chill. It combines toned down beats with a faster paced tempo that results in an interesting combination of intensities.

Replace You ft. Avielle by YDG

“Replace You” starts off with light vocals and then flows into a fantastic dubstep, electronic sound. Near the middle of the track it flows back to the vocals again and later returns back to the dubstep sound.

Forever Young by Cristian Marchi & Max Mylian

Cristian Marchi and Max Mylian have taken a classic song and given it a new twist. This track is full of energetic sounds and variating tempos.

Love Never Died by Nytrix

This intense track is a must listen. Make sure to check out the video as well. It’s very creative, dramatic, and interesting.  

Listen to all of the songs above here. Remember to check out our picks for you every Saturday!

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