Mix’s Weekly Team Picks on Our Radar

Mix’s Weekly Team Picks on Our Radar

Each week all of us here at Mix 247 EDM collaborate to create our top ten playlist of the music currently on our radar. Here’s our weekly team picks! Take a listen and enjoy!

Mix’s Weekly Team Picks

Flanjitsu by Opiuo

This trance-like techno track carries a consistent beat with various buildups. Opiuo contains a variety of catchy sounds that will keep you groovin.

Witchcraft by Pendulum

The sound of “Witchcraft” could be described as rock meets EDM. This song is full of energy and also contains great vocals.

Lone Digger Caravan Palace

Put together some old 1920’s jazz and modern-day dance music and the result is phenomenal. This fun song features a variety of jazz instruments with cool rhythms. Top it off with some pretty cool lyrics and you have “Lone Digger.”

Front To Back (Bassnectar Remix) by Buku

This new remix gives “Front To Back” another sound. Buku’s original track was full of energetic sounds and rhythms. The Bassnectar remix adds some deeper sounds that go wonderfully with the original track.  

Go Back Home by FKJ

This mellow track will instantly give you your relaxed EDM fix. “Go Back Home” features a loop of smoothly put together sounds and vocals.

Faced by Electric Mantis

Electric Mantis features a variety of techno beats and notes that crescendo and decrescendo throughout the song. The varying of the beats and notes really gives the song an edge that will keep you tuned in.

Rogues ft. Daisy Guttridge by Hippie Sabotage

Rouges” is a slow but emotional EDM track. The lyrics take you through a story and the music gives it emotion. Definitely check it out.

Ritual ft. Warbel by Marshmello

Marshmello didn’t disappoint with “Alone” and continues to impress us all with “Ritual”. This upbeat and catchy tune paired with Warbel’s vocals makes for a wonderful masterpiece.

Gimmie Gimmie by Luis La Roche

Luis La Roche delivers an upbeat, energetic song that will make anyone smile. If you’re looking for a song to make you feel good, check this out.

Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix) by Donna Summer

Donna Summer brings back the feel of disco in modern times with “Bad Girls”. Relive EDM’s early days by listening to some modern rock disco.

Listen to all of the songs above here. Remember to check out our picks for you every Saturday!

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