Mix’s Weekly Top Ten on Our Radar: Neon Hitch, Post Malone and More

Mix’s Weekly Top Ten on Our Radar: Neon Hitch, Post Malone and More

Each week all of us here at Mix 247 EDM collaborate with picks to create our top ten weekly tracks on our radar. Check out what we have for you this week and then take a listen what we added to the playlist and enjoy!

The Gene Sequence by Barclay Crenshaw

Layered and dripping in textures, this intriguing track is a great start to the week.

Senses by Prismo

Well rounded in sounds, vocals, and beats, “Senses” will capture your attention.

Bad Dog by Neon Hitch

“Bad Dog” is a spicy and pop-like tune with really nice vocals.

I Fall Apart (Renzyx Remix) by Post Malone

This emotional track is given a new twist with this dynamic remix.

Havana ft. Young Thug (Tule Remix) by Camila Cabello

This classic track is electrified with this Tule Remix. The beat drop features a lot of mesmerizing sounds.

Capricorn ft. Wolfe by Xan Griffin

Almost poetically pieced together, “Capricorn” sounds a bit different than most things you’ve heard before. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Beast by Detboi

“Beast” features a moody tune and unpredictable beats that makes for an interesting listen.

Take A Chance by Mr. Flagio

I found this under the disco genre. It’s something different to add a little bit more of a variety to our playlist this week.

And Always by Luke Shipstad

This track features overlapping layers of various sounds and beats.

The Fall by Xilent & Seven Lions

Upbeat and full of energy, this track has as much power and intensity as as waterfall.

Listen to all of the songs from above in the playlist below. Remember to check out our picks for you every Saturday right here in our edm news! What tracks do you have on your radar? 

DJ’s submit your tracks for consideration to be added to the stations rotation to submitmusic@mix247edm.com

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