Mix’s Weekly Tracks on Our Radar

Mix’s Weekly Tracks on Our Radar

Each week all of us here at Mix 247 EDM collaborate to create our top ten playlist. Take a listen and enjoy the tracks on our radar this week!

Sundara by Odesza

With its smooth and transcendent, “Sundara” will captivate your ears instantly. This entirely sound based song is perfection.

The Scientist by Flux Pavilion

This reverb track is full of intensity and rich, full sounds. It will hook you instantly.

Concrete by Crystal Castles

Textured and somewhat grimy, Crystal Castles delivers a riotous, raging track.

Alice by Pogo

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with “Alice” by Pogo. This short track features Alice in Wonderland’s voice with electronic, mid tempo music.

Rewind by Blunts and Blondes

Get your dubstep fill in with “Rewind”. This synthetic, fresh track will get you in the mood to rave.

Rock It For Me by Caravan Palace

Take some old time sounding 1920’s swing music and give it an electric twist and the result is electro-swing. This fun and jazzy song will take you back in time while also still keeping it the present.

Together by Must Die!

This electric track contains a variety of sound elements that all fit well together to create a nice balance of mid-tempo intensity.

Finally Moving by Pretty Lights

“Finally Moving” provides a relaxed beat that features different light instrumental and digital sounds as well as some vocals.

Nobody Told Me ft. Kepler by Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano

“Nobody Told Me” maintains a very playful and light sound with lots of lovely vocals.

Girl Like You by Toro y Moi

This flawless and smooth track tells a story of a guy who wants to find an amazing girl like one he already knows. Plot twist; he really just wants the original girl.

Listen to all of the songs above here. Remember to check out our tracks on our radar for you every Saturday!

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