Who is Moon Holiday?

Who is Moon Holiday?

Alex Ward, otherwise known as Moon Holiday deserves some attention. This artist’s music contains a chill-mode sound that somewhat resembles some trance music. Her music is a refreshing new twist to EDM community. Though she is a fairly new artist, she has been making music all her life. Moon Holiday hails from Sydney, Australia.

Moon Holiday started making music when she was very young. Throughout the years she played around with different music styles such as RnB, dance, and various pop sounds. In 2013, Moon Holiday released her album, “Moon Holiday” in 2013. In 2015, she released the album “II Life”. She was also featured in the 2013 song “Insane” by Flume. Moon Holiday enjoys creating songs for a variety of reasons, but if she had to name a main reason, it would be to visit various times and places in her past.

“One of the main reasons I enjoy creating music is because I can revisit the songs later in life and view them as a marker of who I was at the time,” Holiday said.

Moon Holiday considers “Rid U” as her most successful song so far due to the higher than expected ratings it received during its independence release. She credits most of her inspiration for her music to heartbreak and existentialist philosophy. Existentialist philosophy emphasizes on the freedom and choices that people can make in their existence. It is the view that humans define their own meaning in life, regardless of living in an unpredictable world.

When creating different songs, Moon Holiday does not go by any specific format to come up with the finished product.

It’s always different, but at the moment I am working with a couple of friends,” Holiday said. “We all come up with different parts, sometimes by correspondence and sometimes in person.”

Moon Holiday hopes to release more music soon to continue to build her musical career. She would also be open to DJing and creating more dance music. However, she currently could not be happier with how her life continues to flow.

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