Moonsoon 2k17: The Storm That Plagued Moonrise Festival

Moonsoon 2k17: The Storm That Plagued Moonrise Festival

This year’s Moonrise Festival was a success as always, but this time featured something the previous years didn’t have: a thunderstorm which caused the entire festival to shut down for nearly 3 hours.

Though rainy weather predictions in the weeks leading up to the festival caused staff and attendees of the festival to worry, the forecast seemed to almost completely clear up by last Friday, the day before Moonrise began.

Even during most of Saturday, the skies seemed to be clear, or clear enough as to not bring any heavy rain. Therefore, fans were shocked when Snails, Boombox Cartel and Sweater Beats all had to suddenly stop mid-set, and tell everyone to evacuate the festival grounds. People with megaphones instructed everyone on the premises to evacuate the raceway and head to the building underneath the bleachers.

Just as everyone was getting settled inside of this building, an intense rain shower began. Piercing thunder and intense lightning soon followed. This went on for a few hours. Just when everyone was starting to lose hope that the festival would ever restart, an announcement was made that the festival would commence at 9PM, just in time to squeeze in two more hours of day one.

Crowds surrounded the entrance gates, and in the interest of time, no security was enforced on the way in. Upon re-entry, fans were greeted with a swamp-like mud throughout the race course.

Unfortunately, several artists whose sets had been skipped did not get to perform. However, certain artists, such as Rezz and Getter, were able to reschedule their performances to later in the evening or sometime the next day.

Festival-goers returned for day two on Sunday with a rejuvenated energy and excitement to make the most out of the rest of the experience. And their wishes were granted – Sunday’s weather contained nothing but clear skies and sunshine to wrap up a rather eventful yet amazing weekend!

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