Most Common EDM Stereotypes You’ve Probably Heard

Most Common EDM Stereotypes You’ve Probably Heard

Many people have common misconceptions about people who attend festivals and raves. From assuming everyone does drug to just it being just one big party, that is one of the many EDM Stereotypes we face. These are not the only ones on a daily basis. So, here’s a 101 on common EDM Stereotypes if you’re into EDM.

EDM Stereotypes If You’re Into EDM


We’ve all been there. As soon as you tell someone you love EDM or you’re into raves and festivals you get that look and the same old questions.

“EDM? You mean like, techno?”

If you’ve never listened to EDM, or don’t know anything about the sub categories within it, it’s very easy for you to refer to any kind of sick beat drop or series of beats as “techno”. Many people have in the past and many people still do, not realizing that techno is just one of many sub categories within EDM along with dubstep, house, trap, etc. Here’s a guide to Electronic Dance Music here.

Oh, so you’re a headbanger!”

This one is tricky. For one, you can headband to a lot of things. It might not even be a tune that you can really headbang to, but you could be moving to the beat of your own drum, having the time of your life and head banging away. That is after all the point of it all, to be free and enjoy yourself without fear of judgment. And I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves at one moment or another nodding or heads along (some more aggressively than others) to a tune or a beat drop we thought was just too damn good.

“Is this the only kind of music you listen to?”

Not at all. If anything, I think EDM lovers are some of the most musically diverse people to exist. There are so many sub categories in and out of EDM that it’s hard not to venture out and explore a little bit of everything. I use to think I’d never get into trap music, but post-EDC 2017 I have a new found love for Flosstradamus that my friends can’t believe I didn’t have before.


But no, it’s not the only thing we listen to. Most people I’ve met that are well into any kind of EDM had well-varied playlists with R&B, rap, country (yes, really) and even 90’s Hip Hop. A little trap or house remix to some of our top favorites never hurt anyone though.

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More EDM Stereotypes

“You’re always at a show. You must not go to school or have a job.”

Wrong again! Festival season kicks off mid to end of Spring and is already full blown by the time June rolls around. By then most of us are out of school and ready to have the time of our lives all summer long. Not to mention most not festival shows start around 9 or 10 PM and go deep into the night. Usually on weekends too. Besides, we’ve all gone to a show when we know we have to be somewhere nice and early the following morning. (I definitely have)

As far as work, this has to be my favorite misconception of them all. (Believe me, I hear it a lot) let’s break it down, shall we?

If you’ve traveled to festivals across the country, maybe even out of the country, you know there’s a few key things you need to have sorted out before embarking on your musical adventure. Here are some key examples:



Festival ticket/Wristband (Obviously)

Travel expenses




Emergency money

Most of these things are even essential when you’re attending events close to home. And while all of these are important for your trip, there’s one thing they’re not; FREE!!


Not to mention, planning for these things has to happen months in advance. Since hundreds of people from around the country attend these events, they’re all scrambling the internet trying to find the best deals on places to stay, flights, and means of transportation while they’re away from home. Not to mention these are all essential for your well being and comfort. Imagine getting stranded at a festival and trying to make it back to your hotel 30 minutes away while 400,000 people are trying to exit the same venue. (But that’s a story for another day.)

Great planning and strategic financing are definitely needed. None of which happens without a job.

I think it’s safe to say festival goers are some of the hardest working people I’ve met. They work year long to be able to attend some of the greatest festivals around the country and it feels amazing to know you got there on your own dime and time. It just makes the experience that much more worth it.



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