Music Monday Livestream DJ Set with Wild Card

Music Monday Livestream DJ Set with Wild Card

Mix 247 EDM will feature DJ Wild Card on our Facebook livestream this week at 11pm ET/8pm PT for our Music Monday livestream.

Wild Card sparked a flame for EDM two years ago when in a last minute decision decided to go to TomorrowWorld 2015. One of his friends was telling him about the amazing music and experience TomorrowWorld had to offer and Wild Card could not resist learning more about the world of EDM. It was a life changing experience as it inspired him to sell his Xbox One for a DDJ SB2 set and give producing a try.

Wild Card first found an interest in EDM by listening to Thomas Jack Radio on Pandora during his last days of school. Unfortunately with the work from school taking up most of his time, he was not able to focus on producing as much as he would have liked too. After graduation, Wild Card had more time to play around and explore djing and what it means to be one.

When he started to take producing more seriously, he originally went by the name of DE3J. He changed it to Wild Card to put the idea in listener’s minds that his music is unpredictable and they never know what they will get from him. With his music, Wild Card is looking to change the game by putting his focus on the crowd and fans. He has produced a few set mixes but has still barely scratched the surface in producing

Wild Card‘s music creates a mellow and upbeat vibe that is very Tropical House influenced. Tropical House was the main EDM genre that was featured in TomorrowWorld and he enjoyed listening to it the most during his school days. After he finishes his graduate degree, Wild Card will really have time to dive into producing EDM and hopefully make something out of his passion.

Tune in Monday to check out Wild Card on Mix 247 EDM’s Livestream set. For more information on Wild Card check out his Facebook and Instagram pages on the links below.

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