Music Monday Livestream DJ Set with EDM Funk Producer Boogie Lights

Music Monday Livestream DJ Set with EDM Funk Producer Boogie Lights

Mix 247 EDM will feature DJ Boogie Lights on our Facebook this week at 11pm ET/8pm PT for our Music Monday livestream at 8pm PT/11pm ET.

Warning: A disco ball is highly recommended when shaking the money maker to this groovy music.

DJ Boogie Lights, AKA Mark Henrichs, creates his nostalgic and Saturday Night Fever driven music with one goal in mind: To bring the feeling of the 7o’s with the sounds of today.

Boogie Lights, a name that is appropriate for his musical aspirations, resides from Denver, Colorado, and is striving to produce a new blend of EDM music that incorporates the classic disco and old school funk feel. Boogie Lights is essentially creating his own genre called EDF: Electronic Dance Funk.

Some of the sub-genres of EDF include nu-disco, deep house, funk, soul, tropical house, and hip-hop. His newest song, “The Feeling” featuring Abi Clark, is in the category of deep house and has a soothing yet energizing beat that fans can not help but feel the urge to do the hustle or even the disco finger to its rhythm. It is risky to try and reincarnate a genre that has been dead in the music industry for years, but Boogie Lights‘ ability to blend it with EDM music makes him look like an Austin Powers guru of music.

The man behind attempting to revive the heartbeat of disco is a multi-instrumentalist and has the ability to craft a cycle of mixing, sampling, live percussion, bass guitar, and synthesizer. His live shows, which  bring up the feels of being on a dance floor in height of the disco era, usually feature some special guests on vocals, guitar, sax, and even jazz flute has made an appearance. Boogie Lights is guaranteed to have a far out performance with his mix of originals, remixes, and mashups that will leave EDM fans digging it.

For more on Boogie Lights, check out his website along with his Facebook and Instagram.

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