Music Monday Livestream DJ Set with The Beethoven of EDM Jason Leech

Music Monday Livestream DJ Set with The Beethoven of EDM Jason Leech

Mix 247 EDM will feature DJ Jason Leech on our Facebook this week at 11pm ET/8pm PT for our Music Monday livestream.

Leech is from Morgantown, West Virginia and has been passionately making music since the first grade when his parents got him involved with piano lessons. His artful skill of piano playing has been a constant through out his life and gave him the knowledge to start producing beats around 4 years ago.  He even utilizes some of his own piano pieces in his EDM songs and videos. He has recently started performing live where he also plays the piano during his sets, creating a more unique experience for the audience.

The beautiful and soothing piano playing of Leech puts a creative signature into his music and potentially makes him the Beethoven of EDM. A lot of his music has piano intros and outros and is a surprisingly an enjoyable off-set to his heavy-hitting drops. Leech‘s love for 808s and piano playing is a duo that works as we as peanut butter and jelly, and it gives him some leeway to include a synth lead in the drops.

Leech‘s goals with music include one day going into the studio and collabing with some of his favorite EDM artists. He has visions to one day help construct songs with his favorite producers providing them with his piano melodies and synths. With the drive he has for music, it is no surprise Leech is on his way to accomplishing that dream. He has developed quite a following on Facebook and Soundcloud with his videos and shows.

Leech‘s love for music is something that is expressed in the combination of his piano playing but is authenticated in his EDM producing. He is looking forward to the future and is excited to grow as a performer and producer.

Tune in Monday to check out DJ Jason Leech on Mix 247 EDM’s Livestream set. For more information on him and his music check out his Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

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