Music Monday Livestream DJ Set With Toro and Dro

Music Monday Livestream DJ Set With Toro and Dro

Mix 247 EDM will feature DJs Toro and Dro on our Facebook livestream for Music Monday this week. Tune in to our Facebook page at 11pm ET/8pm PT for our Music Monday livestream.

Toro and Dro, AKA Diego Steven Toro and Vito Alessandro Aliberti, come from Westchester County in New York. They both discovered a love and passion for producing and united together as a dynamic duo in the underground realm of EDM. The group started off playing sets at college parties and have worked their way up to performing in music festivals opening for the big name producer DJ Snake. While their music credibility continues to increase, they have maintained a reputation of having high-energizing sets with influences stemming from hip-hop, house, trance, and dubstep.

Toro and Dro have created chemistry not only when displaying their music on stage, but also when it comes to cooking up songs in the studio.

“Before we even go into the studio, we spend hours beat boxing and and playing Xbox playing a hundred games until we are tired and then we say let’s get to work,” said Toro in an exclusive interview with Mix 247 EDM. Sometimes I will find a really great mix and we will listen to it and get inspired by that. It is really just about trying it then relaxing because you don’t want to get burned out because hearing things repetitively can kill creativity so we will come back later and finish it.”

Toro went on to describe how even something as simple as a snare sound can be tedious to figure out. It is obvious that Toro and Dro have passion and knowledge when it comes to EDM and continue to climb up the ladder with their goal one day to perform at Tomorrowland. They describe themselves on their Twitter as, “Two separate entities coming together as one for the love of the beat and drums”.

To find out more about Toro and Dro, listen to the exclusive interview .

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