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My Feet Hurt! Tips to Help Choose The Perfect Shoes for Any Occasion

My Feet Hurt! Tips to Help Choose The Perfect Shoes for Any Occasion

Its something that is not often thought about but it’s a very important topic. I decided to write about best shoe options. If I can prevent a night of I look cute moments but my feet hurt then that makes me very happy.boots

I’m the type that loves to wear heels when I am going clubbing or a night out on the town. I feel like heels have the ability to transform an outfit. Heels also can transform my spirit. Heels transform me into this fierce, I feel confident, No one can not tell me nothing, I am on my own personal run way. With that being said, wearing a pair of heels to the wrong event is or that are not comfortable can end a night of fun. Trust me, its no fun spending the night finding a seat. I also have looked like I am in an all night dance marathon. A few hours into the night you never realized going home could seem so wonderful. I can remember going to events wearing heels or an uncomfortable boots. I will watch the rest of the concert seated on top of a garbage can. I even ignored the festival until I find somewhere, anywhere to sit.

heelsNot all heels are created equal. For me stiletto heels or pumps have a few hours max time limit. Stiletto and pumps are worn to dinner, no music events. Some tips are if I am going to a dance club then usually its OK to wear a three or four inch heel and I know it wont last longer than four hours. Double-checking to make sure it’s inside and not outside is a must. A shoe with a thick sole and a slight platform in the front is great. For example a wedge heel or platform type shoe. I can get away with wearing them almost anywhere. Wearing heels to EDM or House music events are rare for me but if I am in the mood my go to shoes are wedges. For me no more than three inches. I am all set to dance the night. I use to bring flats in my bag but sometimes a girl just don’t want to carry too much.

If I am going to a House, Techno music event or festival, Sandals, boots, sneakers are the best with insoles. I personally do not recommend flats that don’t have a slight heel because my feet feel every single step. Flat with a slight heel or platform is wonderful and can insure that your feet wont hurt .You honesty will not care about sitting and can dance the night care free. I have also learned that pairing a nice outfit with accessories, and makeup can make the outfit. The shoes are not so important. shoes

Another tip that has helped me is not wearing brand new shoes. If no shoes go with my outfit I will not buy shoes a few hours before the event, just cause nothing else seem to go with my outfit. The shoe has to be broken in at least the week or day before. I will break them in around the house with tube socks.

A lot of trail and error I have learned to become less of a complainer. My feet hurt is rarely heard from me. Running home from an event into a cab to soak my feet is also in the past. I never realized how wearing a great pair of shoes that don’t hurt my feet could improve the night. Now I can walk around and pay attention to the music.

What tips and tricks can you share which have made your festival experience more enjoyable?

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