My Moonrise 2017 Experience

My Moonrise 2017 Experience

Moonrise 2017 was my second year experiencing this festival located in Baltimore, MD and I couldn’t be happier with how it all went down. I had a blast last year, but comparing the two, this year was a million times better in virtually every aspect imaginable.

Last year was HOT. I’m talking, looked-like-you-just-got-out-of-a-pool sweaty all day type hot. It was practically unbearable last year, but naturally the music made up for it. This year, it wasn’t nearly as hot which made it not only tolerable, but amazing.

From the moment you walked into the festival, it was so clear how many changes and upgrades they made from last year. If you’re not familiar, last year was kind of an eye opener for the festival, as many were hospitalized, mostly due to dehydration. Just from what I witnessed alone, this year, the steps Moonrise took to make this year incredible truly did not go unnoticed.

For starters, there were many more free water hydration stations to fill up Camel-Bak’s, water bottles, etc. which made a world of difference. They had friendly staff walking around the crowds during sets with water bottles and spray fans to offer some relief to ravers who were busy dancing! Something I was most shocked/impressed with was they even had a staff member near the Port-A-Potties handing out tissue when all of the toilet paper was used up. I mean, it seemed they thought of EVERYTHING, and it was definitely appreciated!

It seemed like this year was going to be “their year” to make a real mark on being a must attend festival, and then the weather ruined a good bit of Saturday. Moonrise is rain or shine, but of course once thunder and lightning come into the mix, that’s a whole new story. Everyone had to evacuate the festival for a couple hours before they reopened at 9:00 PM. Don’t get me wrong, that definitely didn’t negatively impact Moonrise as a festival, it just made it an annoying hassle to have to deal with, both for staff AND attendees. Being an ambassador for the festival this year, I earned my entrance so I wasn’t as upset because I wasn’t losing out on money, but that wasn’t the case for everyone, obviously. I was also lucky in the sense that MOST of the DJ’s I was missing (although I was obviously still upset) I had previously seen at other festivals, which made it hurt a little less. My friends and I decided we’d call it a day (night?) and just rest up for day 2. I’m happy for my other friends/everyone else who enjoyed the last 2 hours of the festival once doors were re opened!

By Sunday, Moonrise warned us via their app that it was muddy, so plan accordingly. I was lucky enough I had my rain boots in my car from Electric Forest, so I decided to wear those just in case. I could have done without them, but it didn’t hurt. The Moonrise team did an amazing job cleaning up the muddy mess Mother Nature provided the day before. They put hay down to soak up the water puddles of mud, and because it was nice weather, it mostly all dried up. Moonrise even offered to honor those who purchased a single day Saturday pass entry to Sunday. They went above and beyond to make up for the inconvenience (although not their fault!)

I spent most of my time at Stellar Stage loving sets from Yellow Claw, Alan Walker, Markus Schulz, Ookay and DJ Knowledge. It was my first time seeing DJ Knowledge, and let me tell you, those who were there early enough for his 1:00 PM set, got a serious treat. I was blown away by the jams! Lunar Stage held my attention for Big Wild and Porter Robinson, who was, as always, my favorite set. It just doesn’t matter how many times I see Porter live, the feelings I get when listening to him, especially live, is just unmatched.

During Yellow Claw’s set, the music stopped and I was immediately worried something happened, and they wouldn’t be able to finish their set. All of a sudden you hear chants “YELLOW-CLAW! YELLOW-CLAW!” And it HIT ME. Maybe I’m wrong, (I really don’t think so) but I really think that was their way of poking fun at the DJ Khalid/EDC Las Vegas incident. I thought that was incredibly HILARIOUS and I loved every minute of that!

Between the obvious effort Moonrise put into this year, the incredible line up, the (for the most part) perfect weather, the group of friends I went with and the true bliss the DJ’s sets provided, I can honestly say that was one of the best times I had at a festival. It only makes me more excited to see what they do next year!

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