Watch: BTS – “Mic Drop” (Steve Aoki Remix)

Watch: BTS – “Mic Drop” (Steve Aoki Remix)

One of the biggest names in EDM, Steve Aoki, has a super dope remix out of Mic Drop by BTS. Of the newest remixes out right now, Mic Drop really stands out as unique. The original song and the Aoki-style elements at play have great harmony throughout the remix, and the bass, as always, is booming.

The intro to Mic Drop is definitively like a rap song, accompanied by trap elements, and not Aoki’s usual harder style. However, don’t read too much into it, the style is absolutely still that of Aoki. There’s a playful use of snaps throughout Mic Drop, as well as some slyly placed whistles, and some quieter ones that just sneak up on you. The beat in the background is pretty wobbly overall, in a good way, and the rapping complements that balance nicely.

The use of sirens throughout Mic Drop is pretty much definitive of Steve Aoki. The build incorporates those, along with the vocals very well. The vocals themselves are smooth, and in conjunction with the trap elements, keeps the focus on BTS. The moments before the drop are heavy, there’s a silence that hangs, and then it hits. The drop really has fun with beat, like they’re dancing, rather than having some crazy battle for noise dominance. The effects come through in more vicious bouts, as well as the emphasis on vocals.

All in all, the remix of BTS – Mic Drop by Steve Aoki, is an EDM banger of great harmony. The percussion is subtle, not a huge feature, but when accompanied by the bass they really work well together. The rhythm is winding, the synth spins at just the right speed, and everything really delivers throughout the track. Mic Drop is more of a ride than just another song in a mix, there’s a lot of complexity, and even more to see in the music video.

Check out the video below

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