The New Deadmau5 Album: W:/2016ALBUM/

The New Deadmau5 Album: W:/2016ALBUM/

Of all the names in EDM, Deadmau5 is by and large one of the biggest, and his newest album W:/2016ALBUM/ is streaming now. W:/2016ALBUM/ is the eighth studio album by Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, and follows his stellar 2014 release “while (1<2).” The sound of Deadmau5 is perhaps the sound of trance itself to his most loyal followers and the heavy trance is certainly still present in W:/2016ALBUM/. All in all, I think the album bends the genre of EDM into many different forms, and that is a very good thing.

The album was met with heavy criticism by Zimmerman himself, citing that W:/2016ALBUM/ was rushed, and not up to his expectations. Additionally, Deadmau5 is noted to already be working on a new album already. I think there are some similarities to his old music like “4ware” and “Deus Ex Machina,” which reminds me of 4×4=12 to be honest, but that doesn’t discount the entire album by a long shot. The sci-fi vibes Deadmau5 talked about leading up to the album are certainly there, I could see most of this album livening up some awful monster movie from the eighties. I personally really enjoy “Imaginary Friends,” the crunchy bass and wobbles make for such a great chill out song. Another unique beat was “No Problem,” which has a really shrill, yet still somehow funky synth solo.

There are a few different ways to experience the album. There are a ton of ad-soaked Youtube videos of the full album, but if you have Spotify, the album is also streaming there. For the digital listener, you get the bonus track “Let Go (extended edit)” (featuring Grabbitz), a really solid tune overall. For those getting a CD, the bonus track is “Strobe” (No Mana remix), while vinyl fans will get “Strobe” (Monstergetdown remix). Whatever your pleasure, check out W:/2016ALBUM/ today, and get in the trance zone.

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