New Don Diablo – Cutting Shapes

New Don Diablo – Cutting Shapes

Award-winning and all-around awesome EDM DJ Don Diablo has a new song out called “Cutting Shapes.” The Dutch DJ works a number of unique elements into Cutting Shapes, keeping the future house sound at the forefront, and driving it home with a killer drop. Don Diablo, currently number 15 on DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJs, has an impressive collection of tracks and collaborations alike and Cutting Shapes may just be one of the best EDM songs I’ve heard this fall.

As stated previously, the drop is incredibly bass-heavy, and super energetic. In addition to the crunchy, wavy beat drop, the inclusion of a shaken instrument gives the song a scratchy element. Needless to say, there’s a good amount of variety in Cutting Shapes. Additionally, the drop doesn’t take forever to load up, which has been a bit of a critical point in contemporary EDM. The strong kick is there and a fun use of horns comes out of nowhere in the best possible way to give the listener a powerful amount of sound to jam out to.

The lyrics of the song, particularly the repetition of ‘dancing,’ sends a very positive message to the listeners and the EDM community on whole. The repetition of dancing, what it does for people, etc. creates a very wide platform for listeners and fans to relate to.

This can also be seen in Cutting Shapes’ amazing official music video below. The setting of the video is several different countries, though the shot within the countries is of the same dancer, and Don Diablo in the background. This emphasizes how dance connects us all and gives the entire world a common interest around music. The hand puppet is a fun touch too. Check out Don Diablo’s newest single, Cutting Shapes, today and you’ll find the rhythm of dancing in a great new club song.

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