[Listen] New Ghosted – “Get Some” feat. Kamille

[Listen] New Ghosted – “Get Some” feat. Kamille

One of the great songs this fall in the EDM world is “Get Some” (featuring Kamille) by Ghosted. The song employs a wide range of electronic elements and a unique blend of incredibly provocative lyrics. There are many facets that make “Get Some” by Ghosted featuring Kamille unique, and I would argue the blend between slow and quicker beats mashed together is one of those.

“Get Some” by Ghosted featuring Kamille starts very slowly, but when the chorus and drop come around, the song becomes vivacious. The beginning starts very slowly, with a methodical snapping of the fingers, and a subtle, warbled bass. This really sets the tone of “Get Some” on whole, in that the creeping elements really merge into harmony with the lyrics. The provocative lyricism of “Get Some” is unique in and of itself. The lyrics explicitly address sex and desire, instead of pandering to those flowery, teasing lyrics in most EDM songs that prefer to imply instead of really getting to the core of what lyricism can do for electronic music.

The breakdown of “Get Some” by Ghosted featuring Kamille is totally awesome. There are these winding, whimsical elements and a strong use of reverb, similar to Flume’s earlier work. The chorus takes “Get Some” in a strong direction forward, really propelling through the horns and distorted vocals at points. The distortion of certain portions of the vocals adds a neat effect as well, creating this almost double-voice, like there’s an evil twin behind the vocalist.

All in all, “Get Some” by Ghosted featuring Kamille keeps an interesting pace throughout. The jumps and bounds between vocals and snares captivates listeners from start to finish. The ending, though rather sudden, is resoundingly good. The final clap resonates and makes one reflect on what just happened, what’s going to happen, and where we are as EDM listeners.

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