New Hardwell Single “Thinking About You”

New Hardwell Single “Thinking About You”

Hardwell released a single on October 14th, Thinking About You. This single is stacking up to be a big hit this fall. Thinking About You already has over a million plays on Spotify in just six days. The single, a collaboration Hardwell did with Jay Sean, is a catchy house beat with some R&B blended in, courtesy of Jay Sean’s smooth vocals. It’s a track that you can’t help but to dance to with it’s upbeat melody and powerful lyrics. The lyrics lend themselves to the driving beat with the repetitive line “I ain’t been think ’bout you”, which becomes as much part of the melody as it is a vocal lyric in the song.

The track starts with some piano, which adds to the overall R&B vibe. While the first verse builds Hardwell fades some modulation onto the piano track. The track transforms from the more acoustic sound of a traditional piano to the more electronic sound of a keyboard. As the modulation hits the piano, Hardwell layers percussion and subtle electronic riffs onto the melody that adds an overall richness. The build gets our hearts beating in anticipation for the first bass drop of the track – the chorus. The drop has a strong beat for dancing and you can’t help but feel good as you groove to it.

Thinking About You is a bit of a departure from Hardwell’s other music. This tune has more of a pop-oriented sensibility than his usual sound. Jay Sean’s vocal and lyrics are what make this song unique and is the reason we will all be singing along. This is a hit that is sure to be stuck in our heads for the next few months. I suspect – and hope – we’ll see Hardwell release more collaborations like this in the future.

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