[Listen] New Hippie Sabotage “Righteous” Is Officially Out

[Listen] New Hippie Sabotage “Righteous” Is Officially Out

Two of the finest DJs blowing up right now, the brothers of Hippie Sabotage, have just put out a new single entitled “Righteous”!

With so many killer songs out this year, including Drifter,” Hippie Sabotage is really showing off their creative talents in their newest releases. “Righteous” is no exception to this and features a guitar solo played on an actual guitar. The song has an incredibly funky, super mellow feel to it and a ton of bass in your face.

Righteousby Hippie Sabotage begins with a grungy, super bass-heavy intro riff. The bass builds into a guitar solo that really harmonizes with the deepness of the reverb. The guitar is very funky at the start, d develops at one point into a super jazzy solo. The sharper notes kick into the bass and bring out the amplitude. This harmony really exemplifies the psychedelic elements of the song and the overall groovy nature of the beats.

Throughout Righteous”, there’s a ton of good technical elements at play. There’s an effective, kind of trippy use of static and claps at certain points in the song. There’s also a tambourine present from about halfway through the track to the end of the song. The tambourine comes in slow, using a single slap in repetition to really bring in a balance between all three dominant elements.

The ending of Righteousfades out in a super funky, groovy tangle of bass and guitar chords. “Righteous” on whole lives up to the mellow nature of the word, and what the sixties and seventies did to make righteous an everyday term, referencing that which is so powerfully good it is downright holy in a way. There’s a groovy connotation within the word righteous, and I think Hippie Sabotage’sRighteous speaks volumes to the groove and the beat with their newest single.

Listen to it below!

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