New Justice Album – Woman

New Justice Album – Woman

“Woman,” the new album by legendary French electronic duo Justice, has just been released and is already pulsing through any true electro-funk fan’s speakers. The album, Woman, officially came out November 18th by Ed Banger Records. Justice’s previous album, “Audio, Video, Disco,” was a massive success back in 2011 and these five years of waiting was certainly worth it for Woman. Justice is by and large one of those groups you hear once and fall in love with.

Notable tracks off the record include the lead-off track, “Safe and Sound,” which has a tremendously awesome and groovy bass line throughout. There is a heavy influx of outer space sound effects and enchanting vocals as well, all amalgamating into the feel good funk that really defines the song. Justice overall on the album stays true to their somewhat funky roots, as well of course to the heavy electro vibe, which some would even argue qualifies as nu-disco. Without question, there is a disco vibe going on throughout Justice’s Woman. Another song of strong repute is the track “Alakazam !” which both has the disco groove and, inexplicably, does keep a space between the word and exclamation point. I would honestly compare the beat and heavy synth to the opening of “Night Rider,” and please trust me, I mean that in the best possible way. The sound is just cool, retro, and hella funky.

Off the notion of retro, I would say Woman by EDM power duo Justice has a feel somewhat similar to a video game about it. The sounds are very chirpy at times and when the guitars and 80s vocals come out, the funk really embraces the electric elements. The same goes for the repetition, which can be seen in the song “Pleasure,” whose repetition of “imagination is destination” is so catchy and smooth I just want to drift along to the bass. Woman by Justice is one of the best albums we’ll see before the end of 2016, listen today, you won’t regret it.

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