New Lost Frequencies – What is Love 2016

New Lost Frequencies – What is Love 2016

The newest song out by EDM DJ Lost Frequencies takes the old classic club song, “What is Love” by Haddaway, and puts an entirely new spin on the beat. Felix De Laet, also known by his stage name Lost Frequencies, has been putting out consistently smooth and entrancing music since 2014 with his breakthrough hit “Are You with Me?” This smoothly energizing style takes hold early in the song What is Love 2016, complementing Lost Frequencies’ unique taste in transitions, and rhythm in the sound.

Other than the lyrics, the song doesn’t remind one immediately of the original. The lofty and soothing vocals serenade a very mellow background beat and an equally soothing guitar. Around the breakdowns, the guitar range really blossoms, giving way to much more resonating vocals and a riff that really sounds definitive to the rigor of modern trance. The light tapping around fifty seconds in marks the first of these softer breakdowns, but when the percussion hits ever so briefly, the effect is incredible. From quick snaps of percussion, the transition to an even quicker chorus is seamless, a signature move of the DJ Lost Frequencies.

The homage to the original What is Love is entirely present when you consider the overall essence of the song. Both have a looping, philosophical acquiescence about love that is only met with an increasingly passionate rhythm. The key difference is, obviously, the tempo. However, one could argue the cadences are a definitive difference as well, though both have their high pitched points that resonant more towards the end. Equally, in both songs, the inclusion of other instruments is precise leading up to these key moments in pitch. Altogether, What is Love 2016 by EDM DJ Lost Frequencies allows one to ponder the question posed, without necessarily arriving at the answer by the end.

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