New Music From Your New Favorite Artist Ark Patrol

New Music From Your New Favorite Artist Ark Patrol

If you don’t know who Ark Patrol is, I am pleased to introduce you to your new favorite artist of the year. Brandon Gomez, a young producer originally from Honolulu, has already busted out new music in 2018 that you won’t be disappointed in.

For the past 5 years or so Gomez has been creating and releasing single tracks, EP’s, and a few albums for his fans to enjoy. He has released music under Heroic Records where San Holo, one of the main managers of the agency, also released his first EP. Gomez has not only made his own music out of scratch, but also countless remixes you’ll have *pleasantly* stuck in your head all day.

Ark Patrol has a unique sound that not even he could identify until recently. On his Facebook page under “genre” he used to list it as “Electronic/Hip Hop/Alternative/Whatever you think it is”. He’s since changed it to “Alternative Electronic”, a genre that only some have ventured into and been truly successful with post 2010. In past interviews, he’s told fans that some of his inspirations were people like Flume, Flying Lotus, and Mr. Carmack. To me, he’s a young Kaytranada coming into his own.

I’ve been a fan of Ark Patrol ever since I heard his track “Igniter” featuring the flawless voice of Josh Rubin. Although “Igniter” has a more future house vibe to it, the progression and pure intensity of the song gripped me and I had to know who produced it. From then, I discovered tracks such as “Trouble”, “You”, and “Superdream” and was hooked.

A few months ago Ark Patrol released an EP called “Deluxe” then seemed to go on a hiatus for a few months not releasing any new music. That was until just a few days into 2018 when he released his newest single called “Myrmidon”. “Myrmidon” has a heavy drum line through most of the song and high pitch vocals that sound rather extraterrestrial. Although “Myrmidon” has a bit of a darker feel to it, you can tell it’s filled with meaning and he took time to perfect ever second of it. Excitingly too, the track was released with his first official music video to go with it.

Under the debut post of “Myrmidon” on Ark Patrol’s Instagram he wrote, “This is the first in a long string of releases this year, and I’m so happy to finally be sharing music with you again. Thanks for listening.” So stay tuned for more songs to come from Ark Patrol in the coming year!

Watch “Myrmidon” and check out some of his other tracks below!