New Music: “Team” by Krewella

New Music: “Team” by Krewella

“Team”, the newest song out currently by epic EDM DJ duo Krewella is taking the electronic radio waves by storm. Krewella, fronted by Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf, is due for another album very soon and “Team” definitely teases as to what the album sounds like. Unlike previous Krewella beats like “Alive,” the sound isn’t as heavy drop-wise, and there is a bit more of a house feel to “Team” overall. Regardless, “Team” is hella catchy, and gets very playful with the synths.

Throughout “Team”, the snare and percussion are notable features, coming on strong especially in the chorus. I particularly enjoy the fact the build-up to the drop doesn’t take eons and that it kind of surprises you the first listen. Particularly long build-ups and out of whack drops were one of the things in EDM throughout 2016 that weakened support for the genre. However, Krewella was never guilty of this in my opinion, and they’ve been going strong since 2007 before trap was even a thing.

The lyricism in “Team” is perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the song. The repetition of lyrics like “Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight” and “I don’t need a crown to know I’m king” embodies feelings of resolve in listeners and provides a positive message regarding self-esteem as well. Ultimately, the jubilance of teamwork sits at the core of the lyrics, and takes a provocative stance at engaging the audience in openness with each other.

While the world sits in wait for Krewella’s next full-length album, “Team” gives us all time to reflect, and though released before the new year perhaps this works in our favor as listeners to epic EDM DJ duo Krewella. The song ends with a warm sizzle, a sound that ultimately provides comfort, in reminiscence of a crackling fire. “Team” by Krewella harkens a new light for the future of EDM and a new year for all of us.

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