[Listen] New Poolside Album “Heat” Lives Up To Its Name

[Listen] New Poolside Album “Heat” Lives Up To Its Name

On Tuesday, June 20th Poolside released their sophomore album, “Heat”. Aptly named for summer, the beach grooves of their “daytime disco” and “chillwave” sound are perfect for your next pool party. The album art reflects this with its image of a sweltering sunset over water.

“Heat” starts with “Hot in the Shade”. As an Arizonan, coming off our hottest week yet this year, I can relate. Temperatures were staying up in the 100s until 11pm. One thing that is a pleasant surprise for me with the track is their use of 6/8 time. While most dance music is a steady 4/4 time, but the uncommon time signature is a great intro to an album. It shows Poolside’s dedication to make great, new music.

The third track on “Heat” is another great track. The upbeat vibes of “Feel Alright” reflect Poolside’s signature sound and is one that will get your friends dancing in the pool. It, like many tracks on the album, shows that this DJ duo is not afraid to pick up live instruments. It gives the album a more intimate feel.

Poolside playing a live DJ Set

I had the opportunity to see Poolside at Tucson’s Gem & Jam Festival back in February. I had never heard of them before. Their set of feel-good music was perfect for right after the Super Bowl, which had been playing on some of the TVs at the Festival just before their set. Whether you were thrilled with a Patriots win or distraught over a Falcons loss (or in this writer’s instance, angry over a Patriots win), Poolside was the perfect music to dance out your feelings to.

Poolside really delivered with “Heat”. It’s a great second album from DJs Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise. With 4th of July looming up on this Arizonan, I know exactly what I’m going to play at my Independence Day BBQ/Pool Party. I’m going to throw some burgers on the grill, and chill in the Arizona heat poolside with Poolside.



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