Listen: Sia, David Guetta, and Afrojack – Helium

Listen: Sia, David Guetta, and Afrojack – Helium

Three of the biggest names in EDM have a new song out entitled “Helium” that is absolutely a must-listen. All-star DJs David Guetta and Afrojack pump out some sweet beats that the wonderfully talented Sia accompanies with her stunning voice. “Helium” comes out strong and maintains not only a phenomenal rhythm and harmony throughout, but a very unique sound when you take into account the sheer talent of the three artists involved.

The start of “Helium” by David Guetta, Sia, and Afrojack has a very peaceful, beautiful-sounding piano. Right alongside the soft flick of the keys is Sia’s brilliant, soft, yet powerful vocals. There is a strong sense of movement and desire in the lyrics at the start, which keeps pace into the more repetitive elements around the chorus. There is a very strong sense of balance throughout “Helium” leaving no artist above the others in terms of contribution.

The first vroom! effect that introduces the electric elements almost surprises you in how subtle the transition is. The electric elements capture the focus for just long enough, providing a solid build, and a super energetic drop. There’s winding elements that seem to surround the listener, though the attention to the vocals is still prime, and there’s even this horn-like electric element at play that really seems to emulate a trumpet or something in a cool way.

The repetition of the “stronger” lyricism really becomes a dominant force throughout “Helium.” Even the flagship lyrics “lifts me up like helium” come in at the highest point in the electronic range, juxtaposing Guetta’s signature heavy bass perfectly. The effects and claps really give Sia space and don’t impede on the softer elements. As the demure piano from the beginning fades out, one really can appreciate the harmony these three phenomenal artists have together in “Helium.”

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