NEW Virtual Self – Virtual Self EP

NEW Virtual Self – Virtual Self EP

One of EDMs biggest names, Porter Robinson, has released a new EP under his alter ego – Virtual Self. The self-titled EP “Virtual Self” takes the old school sounds of electronic music and blends it into something entirely new. Virtual Self is many things condensed into one epic EP, consisting of a unique blend of trance, hardstyle, and drum and bass.

Particle Arts” begins with a calming piano that remains a staple throughout the song. The dialogue accompanying the piano sounds like it’s sampled from a video game or anime, just by the style, and that immediately turns into hard-style house beat. The build is heavy, with a steppin’ bass and some space effects that remain a theme throughout the entirety of “Virtual Self.” The house elements hammer into drum and bass, before shifting back into the piano and vice versa, all the while employing some very subtle and well done transitions.

Ghost Voices” is reminiscent of trance, or like the nighttime level of an N64 video game. The beat is super mellow, smooth, like it’s cooling down before picking up. The breakdown is intense, and the song on whole is trippy, and definitively neo-trance.

a.i.ngel (Become God)” is super neotrance with an underground drum and bass vibe throughout. There’s a unique use of percussion and vibration together, along with a playful use of distortion. For some reason, it reminds me of The Matrix, which is definitely a good thing. “Key” has a playful intro, nice use of piano and synth together, and unique use of scratch and slap bass (again, like in video games).

One of the standout tracks, “Eon Break” has an insanely heavy drum and bass start with classic ethereal Porter Robinson vibes. The breakdown is super hard-style, bordering on happy hardcore, while these disembodied voices add great atmosphere to futuristic feel of song. The drop near the end is 100% happy hardcore, in the best possible way, and it just drops the mic. Check out “Virtual Self” as soon as you possibly can!

Check out the EP below