[Listen] New Washed Out Album – Mister Mellow

[Listen] New Washed Out Album – Mister Mellow

One of the most long-awaited albums of the summer, Mister Mellow by Washed Out, is finally here. Mister Mellow was released June 30th and is the third album released by Washed Out. Although the album is only a half hour long, Mister Mellow creates a sense of timelessness that makes it feel longer. The album should definitely be heard start to finish instead of in snippets, there’s so much good harmony between the tracks, don’t focus on the singles for this one.

The introduction is chill, plain and simple, and sets the tone of the album. “Burn Out Blues” features a mix of bells and these descending crystal sound effects that complements the relaxing vocals one comes to expect from Washed Out. Softer percussion cues the breakdown to start and builds from there, using a scratch effect to balance out the mood. “Floating By” does something similar, only with more distorted vocals and effects later in, bordering on psychedelic for sure.

“I’ve Been Daydreaming My Entire Life” starts with a record needle drop and features drums that really capture the essence of the classic bongo drum rhythm. “Hard to Say Goodbye” is super disco straight up, right down to the electric violin features, but very solid and unique overall. “Instant Calm” uses strings in a cool way, kind of creating the illusion that they’re howling. Then of course there’s the single, “Get Lost,” already discussed here.

My favorite track, “Zonked,” is a short one but a good one. The drums and reverb just click with me, and the faster pace of “Zonked” is a nice change up from the slower tracks preceding it. I also just love the term “zonked,” I seriously use it daily. The closing track “Million Miles Away” is the perfect ending. There’s a super mellow, Beach Boys kind of vibe with it, and those classic vocals and snares that makes Washed Out so chill.

Tour Dates:
07/08 Norfolk, VA @ The Norva
07/09 Carrboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle
07/10 Charlotte, NC @ The Underground
07/11 Charleston, SC @ Music Farm
07/13 Orlando, FL @ Plaza Live
07/14 Jacksonville, FL @ Mavericks Live
07/15 Tampa, FL @ Orpheum
07/17 Atlanta, GA @ Variety Playhouse
08/12 Dallas, TX @ Gorilla vs Bear Festival at Bomb Factory

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