New Year, Same Smiling Marshmello

New Year, Same Smiling Marshmello

EDM fans better have their graham crackers and chocolate ready, because Marshmello is on fire.

After having a successful outing in 2016 and establishing himself as one of the most prominent DJs with is hit song “Alone”, Marshmello looks to continue gaining momentum in 2017. He arguably is one of the hottest producers right now and continues to establish himself on the charts with the same happy smile painted on his rectangular head.

Marshmello‘s uprising is something that is rare in music considering how quickly he has become known. His worldwide fame is credited from remixing songs by Jack U and Zedd in 2015. Keep in mind that 2017 is less than a week old, so his unprecedented rise in the ranks happened in the blink-of-an-eye. Breakthrough artists usually take about 3-4 years to blossom into mainstream success, while Marshmello did that in half of that time. He has already created a jaw-dropping resume that some DJs who have been around longer have not yet accomplished.

After making an appearance at EDC in 2016 and pulling a memorable prank by reveling his identity to be Dutch leviathan Tiesto and another rumor is that he could be American DJ Chris Comstock, also known as Doctom, because they both have the same first name, birthday, tattoos, and there are similarities in their music style. If Marshmello is Doctom in disguised it would make more sense as to how Marshmello has become iconic so quickly. Although EDC is in Vegas, fans should not bet on Marshmello reveling his identity as the odds seem more likely for him to pull a another prank.

Marshmello fans have another big event they should start saving up for as he will be performing at Coachella. He will be joining other EDM artists such as Dillion Francis, DJ Snake, and Martin Garrix on the stages in Southern California. This is a big step for his career and only solidifies him more as one of the best EDM artists out there.

Marshmello is currently performing in Florida, but will be bouncing back-and-forth from Vegas and various cities in Canada for the rest of January.


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