NGHTMRE Before XMAS Last Stop: NYC

NGHTMRE Before XMAS Last Stop: NYC

Arguably the best time to see the show, NGHTMRE completed his NGHTMRE Before XMAS tour in New York City on the Eve of Christmas Eve. That was something I simply wasn’t able to miss out on, and I’m so happy I didn’t.

I’ve seen NGHTMRE a handful of times at various festivals as well as playing B2B with Slander for their Gud Vibrations tour, so I was well aware it was safe to expect nothing shy of a killer performance. He never, ever disappoints. The energy was high, the audience was intense and the fun vibes were surrounding each of us in attendance.

This was a jam packed show, and the first I’ve attended in a while where I wasn’t right up front. When it’s such a crowded atmosphere with super trap heavy bass hitting you in the face (and the feels) I prefer to have my space so that I can dance freely and of course, head bang without the possibility of smashing heads with another fellow head banger!

For me, being in the back at a show when it’s not a huge venue doesn’t bother me at all. Of course I’d prefer to get to see every move and detail those on stage are making, but when it’s not a huge place, for the most part you get a fairly clear view no matter where you are. Being dead center in the back with room to dance freely and as wildly as I’d like is more than fine for me!

Santa himself had to be jealous he wasn’t at this show. It was so much fun seeing all the rave outfits and costumes even more creative than usual to complement the Christmas theme. Again, it was even easier for the New York date to do so since the following day WAS Christmas Eve, so those of us in attendance who do celebrate Christmas were already in the festive spirit.

As always, NGHTMRE completely threw down, confirming why I make sure to  be at every one of his sets at every festival, and every time he’s in NYC. I was already in the Christmas spirit, but his show pumped me up even more! Until next time.