[Listen] Nic Toms-Dream Big [Statement!]

[Listen] Nic Toms-Dream Big [Statement!]

There are many in the music industry that dream big. Dreaming big of becoming the next big sensation, dreaming big of releasing the next hottest track, dreaming big of seeing listeners smile when they hear your music. All three of those have been realized by Bulgarian producer Nic Toms (real name:Nikola Tomov), who has been on a hot streak lately with his release schedule. This talented producers latest release “Dream Big” shows listeners that some of the best tunes can come from those who dare to dream big.

Though it is set at the now standard progressive BPM of 128, “Dream Big” is packed with uplifting energy and groove, giving off the impression that the track is much faster than it really is. First premiered on A State Of Trance, listeners will be in for a huge treat with this release. A insanely uplifting melody, beautifully crafted percussion that gives way to great Rhythm, and perhaps the tracks selling point, excellent vocal snippets that sing, you guessed it: “Dream Big.” The result of this winning formula equals what will arguably be one of the best releases of 2017.

It is always a treat to see a positive and uplifting release in such a competitive and sometimes cruel industry. Nic Toms has done a wonderful job at creating such an uplifting and energetic release at such a low BPM, once again proving that judging a book by its cover(or in this case a release) is never the answer. If you need something to brighten up your day, then this release is for you. Fortunately you will not have to dream big to get this release, as you can  grab a legal copy of Nic Tom’s latest track from your favorite music portal via Statement!. This release will without a doubt brighten your day up, and put a big smile on your face!

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