Official Video Out for Breathe Carolina & IZII “Echo”

Official Video Out for Breathe Carolina & IZII “Echo”

Denver natives Breathe Carolina have been making music for a decade, and they keep evolving in the best way possible. One of their latest tracks features up-and-coming artist IZII in “Echo.” Since it’s release, “Echo” has been popping up on the bass music circuit. It seems a perfectly remix-able track. Of course, because the track is at the start of its climb, it’s perfect timing for a music video release. Released a few short days ago, the video (released on Spinnin’ TV from Spinnin’ Records) is beautifully shot and has a theme with which we can all relate, as does “Echo” itself.

Opening with beautiful shots of an Evergreen countryside in the fall, the video outlines the perfect scenery for a breakup. Much like Autumn, the protagonists’ surroundings are gray, barren, cold, and dying. The viewer catches glimpses of the female protagonist walking through this barren land. She carries with her flashbacks of her recent past. A shouting match between the couple paints a picture of a fight, and it appears as though things have made a turn for the worst. Both the man and woman part ways, each looking devastated. “Echo” appears to reflect the sentiment of both parties, “finding it hard enough to let go, surrounded by your echo.”

As the couple separates and each protagonist spends time alone, they begin to daydream about the past. Many have gone through this process; the fight is over, the loneliness begins to set in, and the good times come flooding into view. The video shows flashbacks of the couple’s better times when they had tenderness, passion, and laughter. After both begin dreaming of the same memories and “Echo” reaches its peak, the couple reunites in the same place where they fell in love. The video is touching and shot very well, few things are worse than a low budget love story. It flawlessly outlines the lyrics in “Echo” and brings them to life, but its downfall is that we’ve seen this story too many times. Check it out below.

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