Okeechobee Artist To Watch – The Golden Pony

Okeechobee Artist To Watch – The Golden Pony

Okeechobee Music Festival has been growing exponentially since it began. A favorite of the huge music community in the South, the festival is the epicenter of music right at the mouth of festival season. There are few better ways to welcome the coming Spring than at a music festival. This year’s lineup is the biggest ever, with Solange, Bassnectar, Flume, and Usher teaming up with The Roots. Big artists tend to tour the festival circuit. Miss Bassnectar at Okeechobee and he can still be caught at Electric Forest. Now, this isn’t to say that each big artist’s set isn’t important, but only that the big guys can afford to keep going. We want you to catch one of the smaller names on the ticket, don’t miss The Golden Pony at this year’s Okeechobee.

For someone who has been to many festivals, it’s easy to keep going to the same artists simply because it’s a guaranteed good time. With everyone and their grandmother becoming a DJ, good new music is hard to find. So, we’re here to bring you artists actually worth getting to the festival early to catch. After putting their rework of “Let Me Love You” (feat. Dasha) on Mix 247 EDM, we’re happy to announce that The Golden Pony will be heading to Okeechobee.

Hailing from Brooklyn, The Golden Pony is a pair of young guys with a taste for an older style of music. Utilizing 90’s dance influences with a little bit of nu-disco in a perfect mix of modern bass makes these guys something to look for. They have created catchy originals while putting their own unique spin on a ton of already beloved tracks. Check out their SoundCloud here, and don’t miss them at Okeechobee Music Festival March 5-7th in Okeechobee, FL. Tickets on sale now.

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