2014 Remix Used For 2017 New Years Resolution

2014 Remix Used For 2017 New Years Resolution

Now that 2016 is coming to an end, listen to Arty’s remix to “I lived” (linked down below), and ponder how it could benefit you to think about your New Years Resolution.

After you have listened to it, ask yourself this. Have you done everything you wanted to do this year? Did you change for the better? Were you able to see the places you wanted to see? Have you fallen in love? If you were to die tomorrow, can you really say “you lived”? Ok, now I am just rewording the song, but it is true! Something we should all reconsider is how to make, not only 2017 our b*tch, but take control of our life where we don’t have to say, “what if.”

This is why I love EDM, there lies a lot of positivity, great energy, and truth within the lyrics along with the beat. “I lived” is a fairly old song originally by One Republic, but the one I have here is remixed by Arty. Don’t get me wrong, the original song is great, but the remix gets me pumped and ready to take action. The remix is like a roller coaster, it has a soft opening, builds to a climax, and ends softly. If you listen closely you can still hear the guitar, giving credit to the original song. The song gives it a dramatic affect into the climax, meanwhile the lyrics send a beautiful message. Although the remix is three years old, it is a great song to listen to for motivation, to step out of your comfort zone and begin doing what you always wanted to do before it is too late. Instead, how about we use this song as motivation for our New Years Resolution, to live life to its fullest. So when our day comes, we can say, “I lived!” Are you with me?

For more on Arty’s Music click on the following link: http://artyofficial.com/


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