On the Rise: Hekler

On the Rise: Hekler

 Very few feelings relate to the first time you experience a moment you know will change the way you look at something. Around early December I had that moment when I listened to the song titled “Ultimate” by Hekler. I’ll be honest it didn’t look promising with it’s completely black cover art and by an artist with a misspelled name. All expectations changed when I heard the surprising bass drop.

Just with his first song already has over 80 thousand plays on Soundcloud. He has already gained some attention from more reputable artists like Oski, Wuki, Slander, and Branchez

Who is Hekler?

Hekler is an L.A. producer that’s not even old enough to drink or be at some of his own shows. If you look up the definition of “heckler” it is someone who disrupts a presenter with aggressive comments. How fitting that name is for him. His loud hybrid trap that throws in influences of dubstep and fast paced club beats will definitely disrupt you agressively upon listening. He bathes in anonymity with not much on his Twitter regarding his personal life and mostly all black cover arts. So with his aggressive unnamed genre and mystery, there is high appeal in his music.

Ultimate was just the first of several more bangers to come, however. Just over a month later in January he released his monstrous single titled “Fallout” which again changed something in me. Hearing the alarms and the 50’s canned sample of the game Fallout it’s already spooky yet endearing. Feeling the bass drop with it’s crazy modulated synth decaying through time but ramping back up with every explosive kick drum could only evoke a visceral response if you’re into bass music at all. To experience this live at a festival would almost literally be mind blowing.

He followed up those two releases with twice as many collaborations with Whipped Cream: “Icarus” , “Mirrors“, “Error“, and “Itchy Hands” which followed the trend of genreless hard hitting bass music. These four songs I assume will be part of their collaborative album but I’ll get to that in a bit.

People have compared listening to Hekler like their first time listening to Skrillex and how game changing his Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP back in 2010. Skrillex really brought something new to the table with few who could compete. Hekler isn’t making brostep like Skrillex but he is making a change in how some people think about the boundaries of music. Also similarly I think Hekler‘s style of music will get it’s own name also. This project is extremely experimental and I can’t name anyone else doing anything quite like this. 

What is to come of Hekler?

On Hekler‘s Twitter you can find a short glimpse of nine more unreleased tracks he’s just sitting on. So although he only has four tracks released at the moment do expect more to come. It wouldn’t surprise me if they only become more aggressive and more genre-bending as time goes by.

Hekler has a collaborative EP coming out March 31st with Whipped Cream titled “Mirrors”. I have the highest of hopes for this release after listening to their previous collaborations. I’d watch out for him this year because I assure you that it will be massive whatever he brings.

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