One on One Interview With Otto Knows

One on One Interview With Otto Knows

Otto Knows got his start by capturing the attention of Sebastian Ingrosso thanks to a chance meeting in their native Stockholm, his development as a DJ and producer came through the first hand experience of touring alongside the Refune head honcho. Debuting alongside none other than Tim Berg and Swedish peer Oliver Ingrosso, the time between ‘iTrack’ and his breakthrough single ‘Million Voices’ was a period of considerable development under the watchful eye of Sebastian Ingrosso. Created in the back room of the studio while Ingrosso and Alesso penned festival favorite ‘Calling’, ‘Million Voices’ would propel the young producer forwards, proving a consistent favorite both across the airwaves and on the white isle of Ibiza throughout 2012 and setting the benchmark for his productions at an all-time-high.

Check out our one-on-one interview with the very talented Otto Knows below!

First I want to say Thank you for taking this interview.
Thanks for having me!
You began DJing in your teens. How has your style changed since then or is it the same?
I think when I started there wasn’t really a plan to be a ‘DJ’ – it was more just a necessary part of being an artist. From an early age I just knew I loved music and wanted to make a career from it. Stockholm was a cool city for startup DJ’s and there were some great groups of like-minded guys who were on the same page. I think as my productions have developed, my approach to DJ’ing has also shifted towards making my sound work in an effective way without being predictable or boring.
mix-247-edm-interview-with-otto-knowsYou are now a DJ and producer. Which do you find the most challenging?
Production is definitely the more challenging. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a lot of skill in being a good DJ, but with production you are working to make something permanent and memorable and there is no ‘right’ way of doing it. It’s such a subjective thing that requires a lot of practice and dedication.
What do you want your fans to take away from your music?
I definitely want people to feel something. The music I make tends to be very emotive and that is important to me. I think we moved into a situation where electronic music lost a lot of soul and meaning. I wanted my contributions to bring that back and also really test the musicality that’s available to us.
Not long ago your latest song “Dying For You” came out which you collaborated with violinist Lindsey Stirling and vocalist Alex Aris, how did that collab come together?
I was looking to follow-up on my single ‘Next To Me’ and fans had responded really well to the string work on the track. Lindsey is world famous for the work she has done and the way she has grown her following is inspiring, so she was an immediately appealing collaborator. Alex recently signed to the same management as me, and I’d loved his work to date both as Max Elto and solo. Together it was a winning combo of on-point strings and a killer vocal.

What was it like shooting the video?

It was fun, but also weird. Even though I played the keys in the original recording, playing it along to the track whilst recording took some getting used to. Everyone worked really hard to make it happen and I was really happy to have Alex Wessely direct and film the video for us. He’s a seriously talented guy.

What has been your favorite Festival or club to perform at so far?
Tomorrowland was a really memorable one for me. There is so much hype about that festival and then when you play it you totally see what all that is about. People go there and give 100%. It’s pretty special. I am playing the Faroe Islands this summer, which I have a feeling is going to be a very memorable one.
Best advice you have been given?
Don’t measure yourself against other people’s success. The people that make the biggest difference are the ones that take control of their own upwards spiral.
Who do you look to as an inspiration inside or outside the industry?
Inside the industry I definitely take inspiration from my team and management. Of course, Sebastian (Ingrosso) has been a huge inspiration and guide to me from the early days of my career. Outside of the industry it’s definitely friends and family. I think those people lend perspective to your life that influences the decisions you make in your career without you even realizing it.

What do you enjoy doing in your down time?
I am a huge soccer fan, so I try to catch matches in Stockholm or watch the international events with friends wherever possible.
Upcoming performances?
A lot of cool stuff coming towards the Summer. Miami, some cool European shows and of course, the Faroe Islands, which I am REALLY excited for.
Please tell everyone where they can follow you
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud. Anywhere but home J/K

Check out “Dying For You” video with Lindsey Stirling

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