One-on-One With AtomicSky Recordings

One-on-One With AtomicSky Recordings

We sat down with label manager of AtomicSky Recordings, Matt Piasecki, and found out very interesting information on how he got started, advice he gives to up-an-coming DJ’s and trends he sees for 2016. Check it out below!

Before we get started tell us about AtomicSky Recordings. How did you get your start?

Being a DJ and Producer myself, I’ve always connected with others in the same field.
Looking around at some of the other labels in and around my area, i found that a lot weren’t really doing much for their artists. You can only go so far with Facebook posts you know? haha. So i decided to take the jump into starting an Electronic label, signing some local artists that i knew on a personal scale.I started getting referrals from friends and receiving some really great demos after setting up our website.

What are some trends you see in the industry for 2016?

Well, id have to say I’m hearing a lot of bass music, and also underground techno coming up.
There’s a lot of it here where I’m from. Oh and Groove house! Love that shit !

We have spoken to artists who feel the industry is getting to commercial and they don’t feel that is a good thing. Do you know why some artist may have that mindset?

I think that technology has made(and always will ) it possible and very easy for anyone who wants to make music, make it. The problem is, there a lot of artists out there who are just taking sample packs and arranging music and copying whats trending on the radio,  instead of taking the time to learn sound design and actually forming their own sounds. The tracks and sounds you are making should have your own blood, sweat and tears put into them. Any artist who’s been in the industry for a long time can easily tell the difference between a sample, and a carefully crafted new sound.

How important of a roll does social media play in promoting an artist?

Social media and marketing is key. You may have the most brilliant and banging track out there, But if its not marketed properly, who’s going to hear your masterpiece? The only problem is over-saturation. You have to do something outside the box and different on each piece of social media. Do something , or post something other than what every other artist is posting. Oh, and people love to see artists doing normal day stuff, this way fans can connect and relate with that person. We are all human, right ?

What are some challenges you face as a record label in the industry?

Good question. There are so many different labels out there,so we really have to show that we aren’t like all of those other guys. We are actually in the middle of doing something very big with our label, i cant let out any secrets at the moment, but just an eye out!

It seems like DJ podcasts are popping up all over the place. Is this something you encourage your artists to be a part of?

I highly encourage this. This is a great way to get your music heard by new fans, get support by other DJ’s and artists, and also gain more of a following.

What advice do you give up-and-coming artists who are looking to take it to that next level?

I have 2 words for you…… SOUND DESIGN. Spend time creating YOUR sound. And networking. talk to everyone you know, make connections. Because you never know who’s listening.
Who is on your list for artist to watch in 2016?

How can an artist get a hold of you to set up a meeting?
Visit our website or send me an email ,
What are you most excited about for 2016?
To see what kind of new music may be uncovered and discovered. Someone out there has something special, I cant wait to hear what it is !

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