Overlooked Essentials You’ll Want at Your Next Fest

Overlooked Essentials You’ll Want at Your Next Fest

When you’re preparing for an upcoming festival, it’s easy to forget a few things. However, there are so many essentials that you may not even think to bring in the first place. The basics are always important: a tent, snacks, water, etc. But, you’re going to need a lot more than that to be fully prepared for your next fest. With these overlooked essentials, you’re experience is sure to be nothing short of amazing.

Camp Shower

Let’s be honest, raving all day in the heat can leave you a hot, sweaty mess. Many don’t think the bring camp showers with them to a festival, and some don’t even know they exist. Luckily, there are many potable shower options to purchase so that you can be fully prepared for the long days ahead. You can also purchase privacy shelters that can be easily compacted and assembled once you’re in the festival grounds. Trust me, you’ll be glad you brought one.

camping shower

Solar Charger

Bringing a solar charger will be one of the best decisions you make. You want to make sure your electronics are fully charged when your favorite artist takes the stage. Solar chargers are both convenient and inexpensive, so make sure to pick one up before your next fest!

solar charger


If you haven’t already invested in a pair of earplugs, you should probably go do that right now. The last thing you want is to completely bust your ear drums, which can definitely happen at any festival or concert. If you’re taking a break or don’t mind missing a set, pop some earplugs in and give your ears the break they deserve.


Waterproof Phone Case

Rain or shine, you’re going to want to be out there enjoying every dollar you spent on those fest tickets. That’s why it’s important to being a waterproof phone case and avoid any miserable phone damage. You never know what may happen, so it’s best to prepare for any weather situation.

phone case


Please, please, please don’t forget your sunscreen. You’re going to spend countless hours in the scorching sun without even realizing it, so don’t neglect your skin. Also, make sure to reapply as much as you can. You may also want to pick up some lip balm with SPF in it as well. Nothing is worse than burnt lips.


With these items, you’ll be ready to have the best fest experience yet. The better prepared you are, the less worries you’ll have.

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