[Watch] OWSLA All-Star B2B Set Ultra 2017 Released In HD

[Watch] OWSLA All-Star B2B Set Ultra 2017 Released In HD

OWSLA fans rejoice, the complete b2b All-Star set from Ultra has just been released to the world in HD! The set features huge appearances from Jauz, Mija, Ghastly, DJ Sliink and JOYRYDE. A b2b set of this scale wasn’t ruled out as impossible, but definitely was not expected. Leave it to the OWSLA camp to throw more than 1/5 of its roster on stage at once and let history write itself. The result of this impromptu b2b mayhem is an undeniably grimy, heavy and unforgettable hour long EDM set that covered all of the electronic bases and still delivered a distinct OWSLA experience.

The five stars took the stage with force, announcing who was going to jump on the decks literally by naming who they could see on stage. Mija did the honors of introducing the team by grabbing the microphone and shouting out, “Yo, I’m about to go back to back with some friends right now, we’ve got JOYRYDE, Sliing, Ghastly, Jauz… and who ever the fuck else is up here right now, come DJ with me!” The high energy was instantly set and it was never dropped the entire set. Every artist showcased their own distinct sound but skillfully crafted transitions creating one flawless soundtrack to end the night at Ultra.

The OWSLA collective, Skrillex’s brainchild, has been taking over the stage as their own at Ultra Music Festival in Miami for years. Each time the collective has displayed its showcase it has brought fans an unforgettable and unique experience, whipped up by some crazy combination of the location, the energy of Miami Music Week and the amazing artists. But out of everything that the OWSLA team brings for Ultra nothing can add up to the enormity of their b2b All-Star set that closes out the night. This year was even crazier with the combination of 5 of the outfits best DJs, a crowd that reverberated endless energy and a downpour of hot Miami rain. From popular bangers to new releases the set is an unstoppable hour of dub step and trap heaven. Listen for yourself as the DJs go off and the crowd loses it.

This isn’t the first time the OWSLA collective have conquered a stage. Last year we covered the OWSLA Showcase that featured a 5-hour set from a crane in Amsterdam. His crew knows how to bring the heat and should definitely be on your list of artists I see before I die. When everyone in the OWSLA collective gets together the energy is impossible to ignore. Not many other labels have the comradery that OWSLA does or the talent, always making for the best show.

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