[Listen] “PARADISE” by Laidback Luke and Made in June

[Listen] “PARADISE” by Laidback Luke and Made in June

Three words, what, what, what? This must check out song is by who? LAIDBACK LUKE and Made in June. Once you listen to “Paradise” you will see why my reaction was the way it was. Laidback Luke and Made in June, have worked together to create their new single “Paradise.” Surprisingly this Dutch Dj has stepped out of his comfort zone and into my personal favorite genre, house music. “Paradise,” an amazing, sweet, filled with good vibes, song has given me chills. As I listen to it on repeat, I cannot help but move my hips, sway my arms in the air and all throughout my body.

Instantaneously, when you hear the name of the song “Paradise,” most would think of the tropical themes and island ways. But as soon as you play “Paradise,” the metaphor leads your train of thought into a whole new direction. For those who have a bae, or are single you cannot help but to still feel loved, if anything look forward to being loved. The lyrics does say “I could be your paradise,” so there is still hope.

But let us not forget about the astonishing beat! If you listen closely you can still hear the electro beats mixed in with this house melody feel. It starts off smooth, with a quick intro into the lyrics. Vocals by Bright Lights has put in great work, and the collaboration with Made in June was a smart move. Again I highly recommend you check out this song as I provide it in the link below. Hurry and add it to your new summer playlist and get it before your friends do. You could be that friend they will later thank later as you were the one to show them first, “Paradise” by Laidback Luke and Made in June.


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