[Listen] Party Favor & NJOMZA – Caskets (feat. FKi 1st) (Single)

[Listen] Party Favor & NJOMZA – Caskets (feat. FKi 1st) (Single)

One of the best new songs of the summer, “Caskets” (feat. FKi 1st) by Party Favor & NJOMZA, has been blowing up on the radio waves. The harmony between all three artists is absolutely phenomenal throughout the song, and Caskets also takes on unique subject matter, making it quite the intricate piece of EDM music.

The central focus of the repetition of “Caskets” makes some unique contrasts to the lightheartedness of the lyrics. The darker connotation of “caskets” is almost morbid, but the lyrics are juxtaposed to be inspiring, and the caskets are an image of release. Many EDM songs take release in a more literal sense, the figurative language and soulful vocals of Caskets makes this more common element much more attractive.

The beat throughout “Caskets” is rather mellow, but not slow by any means. There’s a fun use of snaps in the beginning that keeps in balance to the end. There’s parts conjoined with percussion before the drop that make the rhythm in “Caskets” really come alive as well. When everything is thrown together with the vocals, there’s a simplicity to the build that makes the drop much more appreciated.

The drop in “Caskets” is almost pseudo-tropical, but just not one hundred percent there. There’s bouncy elements too that add to the ambience of the drop. One can’t get over the juxtaposition of the lyrics as the song goes on, there’s just so much symbolism to ponder. The breakdowns feel timeless because of this, and the song on whole truly comes together with the lyricism at play. The ending is a strong aural rise into a wisp of smoke sound effect, and it couldn’t sound better. Caskets” (feat. FKi 1st) by Party Favor & NJOMZA is a really epic tune that takes an integral stance with its lyricism in EDM music.

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