PLS&TY Is On The Rise On Our Radar

PLS&TY Is On The Rise On Our Radar

Flume‘s predecessor has arrived and there’s no way you won’t be impressed.

Tommy Leas is PLS&TY (pronounced Please and Thank You) and is taking the future bass genre by a storm. Emerging from Palm Beach, Florida, the newly 22-year-old DJ/ producer has serious talent.

PLS&TY popped up on my radar back in April when I went to see a favorite artist of mine, Louis Futon. He was playing in a fairly small venue called the Independent in San Francisco. My boyfriend and I got there early so we didn’t miss a single minute of Louis Futon. Luckily we didn’t and we had the pleasure of listening to his opener, PLS&TY. Since we had both never heard of this artists, we were open to what he had to play but weren’t expecting much. To our surprise, we were pretty blown away. His whole set had emotion and passion oozing out of it which made it that much more enjoyable. He played some of my favorite tracks such as Grey’s remix of Zedd’s “Papercut” which I had never heard in any set before and also played some deep bass music which worked entirely too well with the rest of his set. I remember Snapchat-ing my friends multiple videos of him with captions stating “I don’t know who you are, but you’re killing it!”. He reminded us just of Flume and after that show, I was determined to find out more about this artist.

Leas has started popping up on festival lineup’s such as Electric Forest, Moonrise Festival, and Lights All Night Festival and has been touring the U.S. all of 2017. He has over 68 thousand followers on Soundcloud and the number continues to grow. He moved to Los Angeles in order to be surrounded by music and fully commit himself to it.

Not only has PLS&TY created original tracks, but he has produced numerous amounts of remixes of songs in different genres outside of electronic, such as Fergie’s “Glamorous” and Baby Bash’s “Suga Suga”. Of course, he has also remixed a number of our favorite electronic songs like Autograf’s “Simple” and Opia’s “YDU”, too.

When it comes to original work though, nothing beats his tracks like “Run Wild” and “Good Vibes”. His collaboration work with Autolaser does not go unnoticed either, with them producing amazing tracks called “Used To This” and “Hiding From The Rain”.

PLS&TY has just taken to Twitter to announce the music video for “Good Vibes” is out now on Universal Music and will be released to Vevo on December 1st.

Check out “Good Vibes” and “Used To This” below and don’t skip out on this artist, you will not be disappointed!