Being at a festival brings such a pure happiness. It cures, it aids, it accompany and it  opens your eyes. Everyone was once new to the scene of EDM and the fan base is constantly growing every single day. It is a rhythm that doesn’t stop, but intensifies after the beat drop. Picture yourself in a field. A field where thousands of people congregate listening to music. What do you feel in that field? The music pulsating through your veins and someones comes up to you and say,” PLUR?” What do you do?

What is PLUR?

PLUR is a lifestyle among ravers that promotes positivity and tranquility. It is a family that recharges you, gives you a sense of belonging, an escape from any outside dilemma anyone might face. PLUR is an acronym that stand for:

Peace, to exist in unity with emotion and affection without conflict, drama or reaction. Love, to show emotion and deep appreciation for others despite race, sex etc. Unity, which everyone can come together, unifying our passion of EDM together. Respect, to be who you are and help each other. Accepting people for who they are, giving them the courage, confidence and honor them.

DJ Frankie Bones, is believed to start the trend after a fight broke out when he was performing. He said,’ If you guys don’t start showing peace, love and unity, I’ll break your  faces.” Shortly after, respect was added to it in response of a discussion in a Rave News Group.

Once you’ve experienced it, it has changed the person. It helps us maintain the mood of the music, which is happy, upbeat and inspiring. In a community, people normally judge but with this Mantra, it gives you a break from people who don’t understand it.

From an acronym to a lifestyle, PLUR comes with certain recreational activities, such as creating single bracelets to trading. See below for a riveting video about the PLUR Warriors, presented by Lady Casa & Barbarcia.

The rave family is increasing, encouraging coming together and living for now. By promoting love, acceptance and showing the appreciation for others, PLUR shows that there is positivity radiating in the rave scene and brings together people from all corners of the world. It gives a glimpse of what the world could be if we applied PLUR, the mantra of being a good person and showing a non judgmental way of thinking for others.

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