[Behind the Beat] Pluto: The Producer You Need To Know

[Behind the Beat] Pluto: The Producer You Need To Know

Every once in a blue moon you see the meteoric rise of a phenom producer who rockets onto the scene with such talent it demands attention. In this case, I introduce Pluto, the young producer who has a set trajectory headed straight to the top of the EDM charts.

Space puns aside this kid is no joke.. The 17 year old East Coaster has already racked up 10 million views across Spotify and SoundCloud, this is an extraordinary feat seeing as his first release was put out last year.. His sound has Flume like tendencies while carrying a unique trap persona. It’s truly original and refreshing production in an increasingly over saturated genre. Accordingly his music is holding its weight and has him rising to the top in spectacular fashion.

Since jumping into the production game, Pluto has been relentlessly releasing tracks and remixes that certainly haven’t gone unnoticed. The devout following that he has garnered in spectacular fashion has landed him a festival circuit this summer that you would expect for a veteran EDM artist. Hitting six major festival including Moonrise, Electric Forest, and Nocturnal Wonderland, he has set the bar for not only for himself but the entire pack of young aspiring producers.

Don’t believe me? Check his SoundCloud, you can find all of his releases like his latest work titled “untitled / 6/4/17”. The song daringly reaches even further into a hybrid down tempo trap sound that he is slowly forging into a genre he can call his own. The song has a gutted bass line with an eerily hollow melody that gives you a sense of the fact that this kid is onto something much bigger than any artist has brought to the table before. “Breathe” the song that ‘quote on quote’ put him on the map, is another example of a bass heavy sampled up and down tempo’d hit. It is a undeniable trap anthem, a song that commands a crowd, as I would soon find later at his set.

As EDM fans it’s easy to assume that at some point or another, you have dreamt of being the one that is on stage playing to a massive crowd. Standing there commanding a crowd of hundreds or thousands of fans as they dance their hearts out to your music. What does that feel like? How does someone get there? What does it take?

Luckily for us, I took the trip to Nocturnal Wonderland, where I had the chance to sit down and talk with Pluto. Someone who, in the short time of a year, is experiencing the unique “dreams to reality” situation and knows first hand exactly how it feels to be the one in the limelight. It was my turn to get to know the person behind Pluto, who he is and how how made it where he is today.


CH – Where did the name Pluto come from and what does it mean for you as an artist?

Pluto – Basically I had some other projects going on, I started making music that I was really happy with and started stashing it away, I was really getting proud of it, so I decided I needed to come up with something new that matched, (Pluto) really felt like it fit the music.

CH – You just turned 17, when did you start producing and when did you decide this was really something you were going to pursue?

Pluto – I started around 14 or 15 in 8th grade, I really loved it right off the bat. My goal was always to have as many people hear it as possible, but last year, my sophomore year, I put out the track “breath” and that really started to get traction.

At first when that started happening I thought “okay this happens all the time to people, this might just be a one hit wonder,” but I kept putting out tracks anyways and people kept coming back and listening. That really drove me to pursue this.

CH – Being as you are a new producer to the scene, as you’ve grown has there been any bad reception with your style? & have you found yourself sticking to it or changing with the climate?

Pluto – As far as my sound goes, I’ve just kept growing with my own thing, luckily I‘ve never really hit any walls with that. On the other hand there has been some trouble over the last couple months getting my album out. But now we have a solid plan for its release.

CH – Okay, for the fans that are wondering, there is a solid body of work coming out soon?

Pluto – Yeah absolutely, there are still a couple of finishing touches with vocals and stuff like that. But there are between 9-12 tracks that are made for it, most likely going to end up with 10 of those being put out.

CH – Being so new to the scene have you inked anything with management or record deals yet?

Pluto – No, not yet. Nothing with a label or management. For shows I have an agent who books my gigs for me. I am still getting comfortable with the whole process. I am looking to build my catalog so when I headline a tour I can really do what I want with production and add the live aspect with my piano. Just curate the experience myself.

CH – So you plan on doing live sets?

Pluto – Yeah right now I just have an APC 40, Launch Pad and sometimes a keyboard but I really want to incorporate keys and a drum pad. I came from producing and the only reason I did live shows was because of the traction from my releases and people wanting to see it live. That’s why I started opening for people.

I have never touched CDJs, I just run my music through Ableton and do it that way, which gives me the platform to do the live set in the near future.

CH – So the big question that we all wonder about as fans, with all these shows you’ve been doing and even the show you are about to head out and perform right now, how does it feel?

Pluto – (smiles) It’s crazy. I love it so far! I mean I had to miss school this week to fly into L.A. to play a show.. Hitting festivals this summer and playing to big crowds is surreal. I really love the experience.

CH – School is definitely going to be a factor in your ability to travel for shows. How do you prioritize school and your budding career as a musician?

Pluto – My parents and I are really on the same page. I am going to get my high school diploma no matter what, but after that I am really going to go for it. I think the traction is there, I just have to keep working for it.

CH – What do you say to young aspiring producers that are looking up to you and want to know what it takes to hit the stage?

Pluto – I think it really takes a lot of determination, just keep going. You can’t get frustrated. You can’t think that you will never get anywhere. It doesn’t even have to be music, if you keep pushing then you are going to get somewhere.

CH – Also you might not say it but I will, it takes talent and you’ve definitely got that, so keep killing it I can’t wait to see your set today.

Pluto – Thank you very much man!

Show Review:

Pluto took the stage with a level of cool that you find in artists who have commanded countless crowds over years of touring, a sense of certainty that one would think can only be understood by a main stage veteran. As if running through the motions he checked equipment, engaged the crowd and got to business.

Immediately reading the vibe from the early crowd he started slowly and methodically. Song by song he raised the energy of his set, bringing in heavier and stronger music. As if a beacon in the darkness Pluto brought steadily drew in more and more of the roaming party goes. Some fans present with complete knowledge of who he was and every song he played, others were purely drawn in by the unignorable confidence and sonic control the young producer proudly displayed.

As the sun set Pluto, pushed the energy higher and higher, driving the crowd into the oncoming darkness with massive drop after massive drop. The downtempo breaks and driving bass synths offered a level of finesse beyond confidence, it bordered on cockiness in the best way possible. (for example listen to his track “Echelon“). Closing the set with a crowd now three times the its original size, he felt inclined to drop unreleased music, which was received in spectacular fashion by the mass of fans. Leaving fans wanting more Pluto had proved more than his talent, he had came and conquered a city known to make or break artists.  


Plain and simple. Expect big, big, big things from this kid. He has his own distinct sound at 17 and is capable of ranging across all genres while making them his own. This is talent, this is drive, this is the makings of a EDM star. Pluto is next. 

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