Porter Robinson Decadence CO Set Uploaded to Pornhub

Porter Robinson Decadence CO Set Uploaded to Pornhub

Wait, what? Porter Robinson? Pornhub? What do you think about when you first hear those two together? Who wouldn’t want to listen to Porter Robinson to get the mood? Obviously, one of his fans thought it would be a good idea to post his entire Decadence CO set to the Pornhub.

Porter Robinson’s Decadence CO Set Uploaded to Pornhub

If you thought you couldn’t find anything on Pornhub, that’s fake news. Many people wonder how the video came about and surfaced. According to a Global Dance Employee, the video surfaces yesterday morning. The video had 1,000 views before it was taken down. The video was found under the title “Sadboi Earfucks Entire Crowd.”

I’m pretty sure people loved getting sentimental to Porter Robinson’s Decadence CO set. With a 95 approval rate, you could tell the video was an overall success. This wasn’t the first time this has happened to an artist. Even Borgore’s music managed its way into the portal of Pornhub.

Porter Robinson didn’t make a comment about his whole set being on Pornhub but I’m pretty sure he’s happy that everyone is enjoying his music, despite their “mood.”

Porter Robinson’s Side Project Virtual Self

Porter Robinson

Virtual Self stems off of the sound of his debut album Worlds. With more of a techno sounding style, his sound is based on 90’s to early 2000’s dance music.

The title alone to the video was a perfect way to describe Porter Robinson and how his music makes his fans feel. With his new side project, he’s been touring under the name. If you’re going to Ultra Miami this year, make sure to check out Porter Robinson under his side project Virtual Self.

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