Porter Robinson & Madeon Killed It At Webster Hall After Party!!

Porter Robinson & Madeon Killed It At Webster Hall After Party!!

It was an amazing weekend in NYC for the EDM crowd. From Seven Lions to Marshmello at Terminal 5 in NYC, we were in over our heads. Each of their sounds bought a lively crowd to Terminal 5. There was one that took the cake.

Performing at Webster Hall, Porter Robinson is one for the books. His surprise after party show with Madeon took all by surprise on their Shelter tour. The performance with the duo was a show stopper.

Porter Robinson & Madeon at Webster Hall

Porter Robinson and Madeon at Webster Hall

Talk about best friend goals! Both Robinson and Madeon are key inspirations to each other. Being friends from teens, their relationship is apparent on stage, both music artists inspire and create an amazing atmosphere for fans.

Announced a day before, Porter Robinson & Madeon took Webster Hall by storm. Performing an electrifying set, it was a perfect close to their previous shows at Madison Square Garden. The imagery and lights were magnetic. Transcending through Synth and House, Porter Robinson tells a story through his music. Leaving each note and pitch one of a kind.

The Energy

You didn’t have to be at Webster Hall that night to experience something special. The energy through his music is recognizable. From the atmosphere to the way he performs live, each left an impact. When listening to Porter Robinson, it’s an experience. His music tells a story. You’re not completely sure where it’ll lead but it’s a journey.

” His Ezoo set was actually life changing the vibes were amazing and the lighting effects were incredible. I love the fact that his shows tell a story.” Anthony Cordero

” Recently getting into EDM, Porter Robinson made me feel euphoric. Between the lights and his graphics, it was a great introduction. It was an experience I’d never forget.”- Jose Rodriguez

” I was at Edc Orlando with my best friend Tracy Hanaoka when I saw Porter Robinson live. Everything was amazing. From the music, the lights and atmosphere, I felt the love around me. It was such a great experience for the both of us!” – Valeria  Leyva



” I didn’t need to go to a show…I had an uplifting experience from Porter in his unison album and language. When I saw him at Edc 2013, I felt amazing and he always puts on a good show. ” – Flavia Di Bartolo

” Porter Robinson was amazing. We all managed to secure a spot at the front center rail. Seeing them both up close was a such a great experience.” – Jill S.

Porter Robinson And Madeon Webster Hall

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