Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Tour in Colorado [Event Review]

Porter Robinson & Madeon Shelter Tour in Colorado [Event Review]

Porter Robinson and Madeon have long been respected names in electronic music, but the combination of their talents has produced something even more amazing. The Shelter Tour, their live collaboration, rocked the Fillmore Auditorium this week as they brought their stunning performance to Denver, CO.

Nearing the end of their cross-country tour, the pair of producers haven’t seemed to lose any enthusiasm along the way. The prolific DJs have already amassed an impressive catalogue, allowing them to craft their show entirely out of their own productions. Coupled with visuals and live musicianship, the result is a breathtaking emotional journey that highlights the brilliance of their creations in concert.

Their sold out stop in Denver was supported by Robotaki and San Holo. Robotaki, was a standout opening act, spinning electro-house with some funky remixes that kept the dance floor gyrating. He was only able to play for 30 minutes, but he certainly piqued my interest. You can check out his remixes and original productions on his Soundcloud.

San Holo, the Dutch future bass producer, played a fantastic house-inspired set. He blasted his impressive set of remixes and threw in some trap bangers to keep the crowd on their toes. He brought an electric energy to that crowd with his high-energy original productions as well. To hear more of San Holo, check out his website.

Slow, pulsating tones, as if from a bell tower in the morning haze, echoed through the Fillmore Auditorium. After culminating into a still silence, Porter Robinson and Madeon took the stage. “Shelter” rang out through the venue as the two began their incredible performance.

Porter & Madeon (1)

The duo continued with a mashup of Porter‘s hit “Easy” and Madeon‘s “Pay No Mind”. Their songs have such a similar pop sensibility they easily fit together like perfectly-shaped puzzle pieces. The mutual respect held by the young producers was on brilliant display through their stage energy and musical chemistry. Watching Porter sing Madeon‘s “Beings” and “Finale”, I realized how special this collaboration truly was. Their confidence in their musicianship has impressively allowed them to go from never singing live, to singing a capella to thousands of people.

Porter & Madeon (2)

The night was a colorful blend of the pair’s impressive productions, featuring mashups of “Pop Culture” and “Say My Name”, “Divinity” and “Technicolor” and a beautiful a capella “Shelter” into Porter‘s “Language”. The live edits gave us a fresh spin on their classic songs while retaining the melodies and production we’ve learned to love from these two. Seeing DJs actually perform on instruments and sing on their songs is exceedingly rare, but I think it’s the next step for live music. Melding live performance and quality production is the future of EDM. Porter and Madeon see this and are truly pioneers in this field, improving their musicianship over the past year to put on a show of this caliber. The slight imperfections in their performance only humanize their music even more, creating this raw experience for the audience.

Porter and Madeon have become titans of electronic music despite their young ages, and they’ve found a way to push the boundaries of live performance as well. In an age when most DJ performances involve the subtle twisting of knobs or the occasional mouse click, Madeon and Porter are expanding the possibilities of live electronic performance. They bring the raw energy of live performance to their beautifully produced tracks, creating a refreshing show accentuated by its slight imperfections. The almost natural weaving of their songs together gives you the hope these kindred spirits will be working together again some time in the future.

Porter & Madeon (4)

Their Shelter Tour ends early next year, but Porter Robinson and Madeon will surely stay busy. With such impressive careers at such young ages, the future only holds amazing things for these two artists. Look below for more info on the artists and the Shelter Tour.

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