Preparation is the Key to Success

Preparation is the Key to Success

We are in the midst of the musical festival season of 2016. While some of us plan our outfits and trips months before, there are those select few who procrastinate until the last days or even minutes. You don’t want to be the festival goer who is lugging around with too many items to where it effects the experience. Then again you don’t want to be unprepared and not have the essentials to survive a long day. Remember preparation is the key to success. I have put together a compilation of music festival essentials along with some interesting innovations to enhance the musical experience.

The Essentials

Comfortable Shoes- Comfort before style comes first on this essential.

Deodorant- You will sweat, why not sweat and smell good. It will make you happier and the people around you.

Cologne/Perfume- The only thing more attractive than a pretty face is a good smelling human.

Portable Cell Phone Charger- You better have a charged phone or how else is the world going to see your snap chats and your selfies.

Gum- The screaming of lyrics that you barely know will make for some pretty bad breath.

Sunglasses- You do not want the sun to blind you to the point where you can’t see the band playing.

Extra Shirt- S&#t happens, spilled beer, bloody nose, deodorant stains.

Sunscreen- Protect yourself from a terrible farmers tan.

Moist Towelettes- Have clean hands at all time.

Backpack- You’re going to need to have something to put all of these in.

The Innovations

Portable Bluetooth Speaker- Walking around stage to stage bumping music could make you the hit of the music festival.

Balloon- Bring a couple balloons with very long strings and you will be able to be spotted from anywhere. You will also be able to find yourself on YouTube when the live sets are posted.

Drug Testing Kit- I do not suggest using drugs, but that has never stopped anybody. Please, please, please get a drug testing kit to know what substance you are putting in your body.

Flip Flops- The little bit of down time you get could be filled with the breeze flowing between your toes. You must admit that sounds wonderful.


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