Pursuing the Dream with No Regrets

Pursuing the Dream with No Regrets

Life is too short for regrets, but pursuing the dream of success is a lengthy journey.

The road to becoming an accomplished artist in the music business can be a long and windy one with potholes of discouragement and frustrating setbacks along the way. A lot of the triumphs and failures are based on expectations and goals that an artist sets for themselves, but overall success is mostly based on perspective. Every individual has a different vision when they think of prosperity.

As a fellow artist that is on a pursuit to make it in the industry, there will be a lot more failures than triumphs.

In order for an artist to succeed,  there must be passion behind the music he or she creates with a goal of  telling a story or experience and expressing thoughts that stimulate the mind and soul for listeners. This is the case for most music, but it especially applies to EDM.

EDM producers put their heart and soul into every bass drop and feel the sensation of joy and  positive energy from fans dancing and getting lost in the music. It is a surreal reality watching fans sing along to the lyrics and positively vibe to a beat. That is a triumph, and the feeling an artist gets from that triumph after spending hours of tedious work in studios sessions and editing makes it all worth it.

A discouragement can be the negative feedback or “haters” that are going to give an artist doubt and make them second guess themselves. It is easy to get caught up in those thoughts, but when the “haters gunna hate” it should be used as fuel to the motivational fire. Every artist is going to have doubt and be sensitive when it comes to negative feedback on their craft, but the successful ones over come the questioning and prove the haters wrong through the passion of their music.

Another discouragement can expenses. Equipment for producing and recording is not cheap but there are ways to make great quality sounding tracks without spending thousands of dollars. Money is always a stress factor, but any price is worth paying if it means accomplishing the dream of being an accomplished artist. Spend money (wisely) with no regrets.

It is okay to feel discouraged at times, that just means an artist is on the right path of where they want to go. Patience is key in pursuit of anything especially the dream to be a successful artist. So enjoy the highs, overcome the lows, and enjoy the journey with no regrets.

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