How Rave Fashion Enhances Our Experiences

How Rave Fashion Enhances Our Experiences

My favorite part about fashion in general is how without any rules of restriction, we are allowed to uniquely and boldly express ourselves. I love looking at someone and in some way having some sense (whether correct or totally off) of who that person is based on what they allow us to see due to their personal portrayal. Festival or rave fashion is a category all of its own and wow is it fun!

Nevermind only having to decide which festival or rave to go to, making arrangements on how to get to and from said festivals or raves, and figuring out how to pay for it all, because deciding on what to wear to festivals and raves is a huge part of the experience. Granted, of course what you wear or don’t wear has no actual relation to how you hear and feel the music, but I won’t ever deny the power of some rave booty shorts and glitter to make me feel confident and at home at a festival or rave. The saying “to each their own” is probably applicable to these situations. It really all comes down to what makes each and every one of us happy and comfortable.AlienRave

It’s wonderful that there are specific sites like iHeartRaves and RaveWonderland that offer fun, sexy and unique rave clothes for all body types. But sometimes ordering clothes online can be a little on the expensive side (especially when you accidentally add the entire online store to your cart in just under 5 minutes of being on the site) so thankfully there are other options!

Bargain shopping is one of my favorite hobbies. Going to secondhand shops and thrift stores open a world of options that will most likely not be seen on any other raver you’ll run into, dance with and exchange Kandi with. Buying rave gear online is amazing, but you’re likely to see the same thing on a whole bunch of your fellow ravers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, especially as everyone adds their own unique personal style to whatever they’re wearing, but sometimes it’s fun to stand out a little extra.

Whether you want to be covered from head to toe, hardly be covered at all, match your entire rave fam, make your own outfit, or anything in between, rave fashion is constantly evolving and expanding. It’s one of the most beautiful forms of expression, confidence and acceptance. When deciding what to wear to your next festival or rave, just remember to get creative, have fun and be happy!

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