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RAVE TRAIN TV is a webseries, now getting ready to come out with season THREE featuring the world’s best underground EDM Dj’s along with dancers from all disciplines. Hosts Julianna Kovacs  and Johnny Blaze interview today’s up and coming artists, while they play a live set with original beats while dancers move along the music to bring visual entertainment to music.

“The EDM scene is getting bigger by the day, becoming a worldwide phenomenon with music festivals popping up every weekend,” said Danny “Johnny Blaze” Ho, Host and Producer of Rave Train. “People love to dance to EDM, so why not combine the two and create a series that is not only fun to listen to but exciting watch!”

Rave Train not only brings the best up and coming talent to the series, but also release original independent music on Youtube.  Artists get a platform to release their tracks while getting to spread their music through the vast Youtube network, “ said Mitchel Dumlao, Producer and Director of Rave Train.

On top of new music, Rave Train also features up and coming dancers from all backgrounds to dance alongside artists who play their music live. Breakdancers and Poppers perform with Glovers and Shufflers, giving more variety to videos and exposing audiences to different types of styles and talent.

For more information on Rave Train TV or to become a featured artist or dancer contact Danny Ho at hello@ravetrain.tv. Look for featured episodes here on Mix 247 EDM in the near future.

Check out the trailer for season 3 below

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